Saturday, 26 May 2012

An oldie but my fave

Okay...I've been slacking on the posts lately....I know.....EQAO is taking over my life for the next 2 weeks...yip-ee......And my mind has been constantly thinking of this piece I did about 6 years ago......I can't find it ANYWHERE and I've torn my bedroom's driving me nuts....So because my mind has been CONSTANTLY thinking about this particular piece lately...I've decided to post it the hopes that something triggers in my mind and I can figure out where on earth I've placed it......And I know I've lent it out...but I swear I got it the ball is in my court....somewhere......

So the story behind this piece......I think I re-started this and crumpled it up at least 10 times....on a Friday night over a glass of wine...I'm a perfectionist....and my own worst enemy...what can I say?  and it was really only completed for one of those basic Visual Arts classes you have to take for Teachers College.....But...when Visual Arts is one of your majors and one of your teach-ables, why wouldn't you make the best of it, no?  So for this particular class we had to create a piece in the style of van Gogh (one of my fave artists!).  It may look more time consuming than it actually is...It probably took me 45 minutes or so to create.

As you know (or may not know), van Gogh created pieces using small strokes in post-impressionist fashion.  So I did the same. I chose to use oil pastels and paper for my medium, and a flower for my subject.

Now be aware: Pastels are messy!  (That's what I like about 'em!).  Once I finished the piece I laminated it...but....if you don't have access to a laminator.....dose your piece in hair spray.  It keeps the pastel from smudging!!!!

And this is the final product!
Now fingers crossed that I find it (soon!).  It's driving me crazy!!!!!!


P.S. If you want to see more van Gogh artwork, visit the Vincent van Gogh Gallery:

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