Friday, 11 May 2012

One of my favourite things...

I know...I know....before you say it, I've been slacking this past week.  Not a single post since last weekend....Work has been very busy...teaching, running a book fair, etc.  I keep waking up at like 3 am thinking of everything I have to do...nice, eh?  So I am sorry for the lack of posting.....I guarantee there will be lots in the summer though!

I know this one's an "oldie."  I painted it for my parent's anniversary several summers ago while they were away in Aruba.  But I still love it.  It was the very first acrylic painting I ever created.  I just bought a cheap $10 Reeves acrylic paint set from Wal-Mart, busted out a canvas and this is what my hands led me to create.

I wish I had taken pictures of it in progress...but unfortunately I didn't.....From now on I take pictures of my work in progress.  I don't want to shed a moment.

Here's my very first acrylic piece.  Took a couple of days..but I have to's still one of my faves...Enjoy!

Without the frame:

With the frame: As mounted in my parents room:


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