Saturday, 7 July 2012

Let the summer begin with Baby Ben

So I was definitely super pumped to make something for a special little guy who is visiting from Manitoba.  I just had to make something!  I mean, how could I not?!

So I busted out some canvas, water, brushes, some wooden letters, and my acrylics.

I decided to go with a dinosaur theme, as it is for a little boy and dinosaurs seemed to be a consistent theme in the registry.  I mean, what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs?!

Being the perfectionist I am I also busted out the wax paper and sharpie.

Here's a good tip perfectionists: Sketch out what you want, place it under wax paper, trace over it with a sharpie, flip it over on your canvas and go over it with a pencil.  What you created with your sharpie will show up on your canvas.  I'm a perfectionist and I don't like to chance these things....what can I say....

So I painted the little dinosaurs first.  I always do my highlights and touch-ups last (as much as it bugs me having to wait until the very end).  I also decided for the sky that I would add some iridescent medium to add some shimmer.  I absolutely love iridescent medium.  It has become one of my new "faves."

Oh!  And if you ever decide to add wooden letters to your artwork, don't forget to sand those rough edges.  It only takes a few seconds, but it is definitely worth saving yourself from getting slivers.

You can see how the painting progressed as time lapsed over 2 days.  I know, I know....I really need to stop cutting things so close to the deadline......but.....on the plus side of that, I do work best under pressure!

And here is the final piece!


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