Friday, 20 July 2012

Who gives a "hoot"

So I created my first little softie creature. Yes, she is hand sewn.  Cute, eh?  And bonus!  Not hard to make at all.  This is what you need: Fabric scissors, thread, felt, a needle, no sew glue, stuffing, and fabric paint.

First I drew an owl (just the main body) that I was happy with on cardboard and cut it out.  Next, I traced it onto the light pink felt and cut it out.  Once I checked the size of the owl and was happy with it, I cut out one more in the same light pink felt.  Next, I used one of my spools of threads as the circle template for the eyes.  I kept the eyes stuck together (to keep that "cartoonish" sort of gaze).  I cut the eyes out from a white fabric, cut out a beak from yellow fabric, cut out a little heart from light green fabric, and cut out a larger circle from a magenta coloured felt.  Oh yes!  And don't forget feet....I forgot the feet several times when I put her together...Oops....

After I had all those parts together, I glued on certain parts instead of sewing them to the owl.  I used the no sew fabric glue to glue on the eyes, beak, chest, and heart.  Then, I used my black fabric paint to draw on the pupils of the eyes.  To finish off the eyes and sort of provide them with a bit more depth, I took some white acrylic paint, placed a white circle in the middle of each pupil, and then finished them off with a tiny dab of black fabric paint over the white circles.  Now, keep in mind that if you decide to add little glimmers in your eyes like I did, you want to think of how you want your owl to be looking.  Here's an example of several ideas that you could use for the eyes:

Then I got busy sewing the body of my owl up.  I sewed the entire way around the body until I could only fit a finger or two into the bottom of the body.  Then I stuffed her with stuffing so she was a little more lively looking.  Now, I was a little ticked with myself because I realized I had forgotten the feet.....again!  So I had to sew the feet to the body last.  However, I would have much rather sewn the feet onto the back of the body before I stuffed her all up......Such a great little project to do on a summer afternoon.  She didn't take long to create at all - just the afternoon!  Plus, I could have even made little "Hoot" into a puppet if I didn't feel like stuffing her. she "Hoot!"


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