Sunday, 6 January 2013

Urgh! I hate it!

So those of you perfectionists out there will understand my pain and frustration.

I created a piece of work (crayon art to be exact) over this holiday break and I HATE it.  Originally I had designed it for work for the kids to enjoy....but I'm not sure it will ever make it's way up on the wall because I can't stand the damn thing.  And I mean, who wants to stare at something all the time when they can't stand it, right?

So, with crayon art, you know the drill......

1. Sketch it all out on your canvas.
2. Choose your crayons, break 'em, and glue em.
3. Take your hair dryer and melt your crayons over the canvas.
4. Paint around the scene.

Believe it or not, I re-did so much of this whole piece I'm surprised I didn't just take an x-acto to it (yes, I have been known to do that with pieces I create (or start to create) and don't like).

So here is the beast I can't stand.....Believe it or not I did remember to take pictures as it progressed.  There was one point where the grass was a dark green and the sky was a dark blue...and all of the flowers were different colours as well.....I re-did this whole thing so much I can't stand looking at it...but here it goes....

Currently it is sitting on my little table-top easel, but I'm tempted to kick it off and stomp on it.....


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