Saturday, 2 March 2013

Just a little piece I did....

Well I decided to play around and try to shed the winter blues the other day.  I'm so done with winter.....

So I bought some masking and did some watercolours...Nothing big....Just played around because I hadn't used masking I wanted to give it a try and do something plain Jane....

-Brushes (various sizes)
-Something to scrape the masking off

Method to the Madness:
1. Sketch out your image/design.
2. Carefully place the masking on.  I used tooth picks...wasn't up for damaging a paintbrush....
3. Water down the paper lightly with a sponge.
4. Paint with your watercolours.
5. Once it's slightly dried, start peeling off the masking with your sharp tool (not too sharp though - we aren't talking knives folks).
6. Once the painting is dry, outline with your archival pen (if you wish...I was up in the air as to whether or not I was actually going to looked fine without...but what the heck...I did it anyway...).
7. And you are done!

P.S. I realized I hadn't outlined the inside of the right-hand wing on the butterfly after I took this I fixed it and it is outlined now.....Oops!

Like I say, I decided to put the tunes on, play around and take my mind off the winter weather.


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