Monday, 15 July 2013

Another Wood Burning Adventure!

So I really like to personalize gifts whenever I get the chance.  Especially when it's for good friends.  So I decided to create another woodburning project for a wedding gift for my friends Katie and Eric.
So I decided to create a little wooden plaque.  Keep in mind this is only the second time I've done woodburning.  But I have to admit, I'm quite content with how it turned out!

All you need to create something like this is: A wood burner (with various interchangeable tips - mine came as a kit (by Walnut Hollow) and I used a 50% off coupon at Michaels to save some $$$), a pencil, eraser, wood, and varnish.

My woodburner kit by Walnut Hollow

I wanted to create something fun, but personalized, so here is what I ended up sketching on the wood:

Now, here are a couple of things I like to remember when I'm woodburning:
  • Take a break every so often (your hands get quite sore!).
  • Always pay close attention to how you are holding the burner.  It doesn't take much for the burner to slip and burn your hand! (not speaking from experience whatsoever.....).
  • Always make sure when it isn't in use that it is turned off, unplugged, and sitting properly in the holder (away from anything else - the last thing you want is for your house to burn down!).
  • Always have a scrap piece of wood handy so that you can brush any ash off, or test any burns/cuts you may want to make.
And here is how the plaque looked as it progressed over time:

*Drum roll please*

Here is the final product! I decided to inscribe the back as well....which took quite a bit longer than I anticipated....along with some extremely sore hands.....
The back of the plaque inscribed

The final product!!!!!! 

Before it was completely finished, I made sure to coat both sides of the plaque in a matte varnish to help preserve it.

I hope Katie and Eric enjoy it!


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